Attack Rating

The Percentage chance that you will hit the target

Attack Rating is a Stat in Diablo 2Attack Rating is the percentage chance that you will successfully hit the target. Stats & Attributes can be improved by finding better gear or leveling up.  Below, you can see a detailed description on what Attack Rating.



Attack Rating Information

Attack rating can be found on the Character Screen, and it shows the percentage chance that you will hit the targeted monster. If you Attack Rating is too low, your attacks will, more often than not, miss. You can increase your Attack Rating by increasing your Dexterity or by equipping magic items that provide bonuses to it.

The chance to hit formula is as follows:

Chance To Hit = 200% * {Attacker's Attack Rating / (Attacker's Attack Rating + Defender's Defense Rating)} * {Attacker's level / (Attacker's level + Defender's level)}

Note that this same formula can be applied to all three attack scenarios. Player vs Player, Player vs. Monster and Monster vs. Player. The chance to hit is capped in a way that it can not be lower than 5% or higher than 95%.



Skills, Stats & Equipment that provide Attack Rating

Socketed Items








Attack Rating Notes and Tips

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