Reduces the range at which monsters will be able to attack you.

Blind is a Combat mechanic in Diablo 2Blind can reduce the range at which monsters will be able to attack you, similar to the Necromancer's Dim Vision. Combat Mechanics are different tools at the player's disposal to face the forces of Hell.  Below, you can see a detailed description on what Blind.


Blind Information

Blind is a combat mechanic that appears as a Chance on Hit mod on several items as well as Runes. The game will roll for the chance for Blind to occur on every eligible melee or ranged attack. If the effect does occur, it deals an effect similar than that of the Necromancer's Dim Vision, reducing the range at which monsters will attack you. This formula is the one that the game does every time you are about to inflict Blind:

Chance To Blind = 50 + 5 * (Attacker Level + ((Bonus - 1) * 4)) - Defender Level).

Bonus is the total level chance to Blind granted by your items. Unless you have an item with the bonus, this value is 0.

Keep in mind that the total chance to Blind is divided by 3 in ranged attacks and, this stat does not affect Unique Monsters, Hirelings, other players and an Act-end bosses.



Skills, Stats & Equipment that provide Blind

Socketed Items









Blind Notes and Tips

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