Blood Amulet



Blood Items


5-10% Faster Run Walk
(1-4)% Life Stolen Per Hit
+(10-20) To Life

Blood Amulet is an Amulet and it is a Blood Item in Diablo 2. Blood Amulet can be equipped by ?? characters and has unique modifiers that greatly increase the player capabilities. Amulets can be obtained as Enemy or Boss drops, inside chests/crates that the player can open around the world and dungeons, they can be purchased from Merchants, and can be Crafted.


Blood Amulet Information

  • Level Requirement: ??
  • Set: ??


Blood Amulet Modifiers

Blood Amulet has the following modifiers:

5-10% Faster Run Walk
(1-4)% Life Stolen Per Hit
+(10-20) To Life


Blood Amulet Materials

 Magical Amulet + Jewel (any) + 1x  amn rune diablo 2 wki guide 50pxAmn + 1x perfect ruby gem diablo2 wiki guide 98pxPerfect Ruby


Blood Amulet Notes & Tips

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