Blood Boots


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Base Stats

There are no Base Stats as it is rolled with your material item stats.


Replenish Life + (5-10)
(1-3)% Life Stolen Per Hit
+(10-20) To Life

Blood Boots are Boots and it is a Blood Item in Diablo 2. Blood Boots can be equipped by all  relevant classes. Depending on their rarity, Boots can have random or unique modifiers that greatly increase the player capabilities.


Blood Boots Modifiers

Blood Boots has the following modifiers:

Replenish Life + (5-10)
(1-3)% Life Stolen Per Hit
+(10-20) To Life


Blood Boots Base stats

Blood Boots has the following base stats:

There are no Base Stats as it is rolled with your material item stats.


Blood Gloves Materials

Magical Light Plated Boots or Battle Boots (Excep) or Mirrored Boots (Elite) + Jewel (any) +1x eth rune diablo 2 wiki guide 50pxEth + 1x perfect ruby gem diablo2 wiki guide 98pxPerfect Ruby


Blood Boots Notes & Tips

  • Heavier boot material provides even more protection to the wearer. Some heavier boots require greater strength to wear.
  • Notes and tips go here



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