Blood Moor

Act Act 1
Quests Den of Evil
Waypoint No
Area Level Normal: 1
Nightmare: 36
Hell: 67
Levels Den of Evil (Cave)

Blood Moor is a Location in Diablo 2. Blood Moor can be found in Act 1. Blood Moor has the following area levels depending on the difficulty: Normal: 1, Nightmare: 36, Hell: 67.


Blood Moor Information

Blood Moor is the first wild area the player will experience when leaving the Rogue Encampment. The entrance to Den of Evil (Cave) can be found in Blood Moor.


Blood Moor NPCs


Blood Moor Merchants

No merchants can be found in this location.


Blood Moor Related Quests

Den of Evil


Monsters in Blood Moor



Super Unique Monsters

No super unique monsters can be found in this location.


No bosses can be found in this location.


Blood Moor Notes & Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here.


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