Dragon Talon

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Finishing Move
Kick your enemies out of your way. Addas charged-up bonuses to the kick

First Level

Mana Cost: 6
Number of Kicks: 1
Kick Damage +%: 5
Attack Rating +%: 20

Class Assassin
Skill Tree Martial Arts
Type Active
Required Level 1
Damage Type Physical

Dragon Talon is an Assassin Skill in Diablo 2. Dragon Talon is part of the Martial Arts Skill Tree and requires level 1 to be unlocked. Skills usually define a character's playstyle and are divided by Class and Skill Tree. Some Skills have synergies, which provide benefits to other skills on the same Skill Tree.


An Assassin is taught to utilize her entire body as a weapon. Using this skill, she lets loose a powerful kick to send her opponents flying.


Dragon Talon Information


  • Finishing Move
    Kick your enemies out of your way. Addas charged-up bonuses to the kick
  • Cast Delay: None
  • For this skill, an initial kick is what you get with one point, progressive skill levels will grant a followup kick on multiples of 6.

Number of Kicks per Skill Level

  • skill lvl 1 will give 1 kick
  • skill lvl 6 will give 2 kicks
  • skill lvl 12 will give 3 kicks
  • skill lvl 18 will give 4 kicks
  • skill lvl 24 will give 5 kicks
  • skill lvl 30 will give 6 kicks

And so forth. At lvl 48, 9 kicks are possible.

  • This skill has the potential to be the fastest attack in the game at high skill level, but it is useful even at lvl 1 (with the correct gear). While many assassin skills are good versus groups, this skill shines when used on one opponent. When using max frames speed (attained by using increased attack speed=ias gear) and the attribute "crushing blow", most bosses can be dispatched easily. Even ubers can be killed easily with Dragon Talon at lvl 18 (4 kicks) or higher provided that (in addition to fast kicks and crushing blow) the assassin has stacked (max and over) resists and uses Draculs Gloves for life tap. As mentioned, it is useful at lvl 1 but that is only if the assassin wants to sacrifice other attributes for ias and crushing blow gear. The ias neccessary will depend on the weapon used, and 40% or more crushing blow is recommended. Once end game gear is determined, it is also wise to put hard skills into dragon talon until it reaches a multiple of six with end gear. (So for instance, if you only put 1 point to it, and it is lvl 11 with your end game gear, you would want to put another point to it to get it to lvl 12 and 3 kicks.)
  • Straight plus Damage, (as from Grief or War Travelers), will not work with kicks; however, Magic damage, (as on runeword Chaos), and Elemental damage,(as from Runeword Lawbringer or Baranar's Star), will work. Max Damage from jewels or charms will not. Kick damage can be increased by the attribute enhanced damage = ed (ONLY if it is Not found on a weapon or an ED/Max jewel). Kick damage can be increased with high damage boots and high strength and dexterity. Venom DOES work with kicks, despite not showing up on the character screen kick damage
  • Because it delivers so many hits in rapid succession, items that grant the attribute "chance to cast on striking" or "chance to cast on attacking" work especially well with Dragon Talon. Amplify damage (on the main claw, atmas amulet, or gavel of pain), and Decrepify (as in Runeword Lawbringer or Reaper's Toll) work particularly well. As previusly mentioned, chance to cast lifetap (from Draculs Grasp Gloves) is almost imperative for killing ubers. Static (from runeword Crescent Moon or Schaefer's Hammer)can also be useful for bosses in high player games; (especially when used on a weapon switch and used for just a few kicks to get the mob to half life, then switching back to a primary weapon set of more effective killing equipment. The "Rift Assassin build" also revolves around the same premise, that dragon talon is hugely effective for triggering the chance to cast on striking/attack attributes.
  • For pvp, some suggest that 3 kicks (lvl 12) is optimum so that the length of the kick animation does not impede your mobility.
  • This "Rift Assassin build" is centered around this skill and Rift Runeword.
  • The "Dancer Assassin builds" use traps in conjunction with kick.

Important Note: With the release of Patch 2.4 this skill has suffered some changes

  • Now consumes only 1 of each Martial Arts charge when cast
  • Now always hits the target only if the Assassin has any Martial Arts charges


 First Level
  • Mana Cost: 6
  • Number of Kicks: 1
  • Kick Damage +%: 5
  • Attack Rating +%: 20



  • Dragon Talon Required Level: 1
  • Dragon Talon Prerequisites: None


Dragon Talon Synergies

Dragon Talon Receives Synergy From:

  • No synergies

Dragon Talon Provides Synergy to:

  • No synergies


Dragon Talon Progression

The following chart displays the upgrade values for each level of Dragon Talon

Mana Cost: 6

Number of Kicks
Kick Damage
Attack Rating
1 1 5% 20%
2 1 12% 55%
3 1 19% 90%
4 1 26% 125%
5 1 33% 160%
6 2 40% 195%
7 2 47% 230%
8 2 54% 265%
9 2 61% 300%
10 2 68% 335%
11 2 75% 370%
12 3 82% 405%
13 3 89% 440%
14 3 96% 475%
15 3 103% 510%
16 3 110% 545%
17 3 117% 580%
18 4 124% 615%
19 4 131% 650%
20 4 138% 685%



Notes and Tips

  • With the release of Patch 2.4 this skill has suffered some changes
  • Other Notes & Tips go here



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