Gambler & Trade

Act Act I: The Sightless Eye
Quest N/A
Services Merchant
Location Rogue Encampment

Gheed is an Act I NPC and Merchant in Diablo 2. Gheed can be found at Rogue Encampment and can be used to trade Items and Gamble. NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the hero during the story. Some NPCs are vital to the main Story, whilst others provide background chatter, lore, or Optional Quests.


Good day to you partner! I'm Gheed and I can already tell that I'll be your best friend in this forsaken camp. A spare weapon, some gold, a small gem is all I want in exchange for the equipment you'll need on whatever quests you might undertake. Now, now, now... Don't be shy, all of my items are guaranteed for life and come with a two-day warranty!

Gheed Information


Gheed Location


Gheed Related Quests

  • No Quest is triggered by talking to Gheed


Gheed Notes & Tips

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