Guided Arrow

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Enhances your arrows and bolt to track your target or seek one of its own.

First Level

Mana Cost: 8
Damage +%: 0

Class Amazon
Skill Tree Bow and Crossbow Skills
Type Active
Required Level 18
Damage Type Physical

Guided Arrow is an Amazon Skill in Diablo 2. Guided Arrow is part of the Bow and Crossbow Skills Tree and requires level 18 to be unlocked. Skills usually define a character's playstyle and are divided by Class and Skill Tree. Some Skills have synergies, which provide benefits to other skills on the same Skill Tree.


Hunting and fighting during the night and in the deepest darkness is a necessary skill to any daughter of the Amazon islands. Devoted disciples of Athulua can, with great difficulty and strict discipline, train themselves to fire their arrows at targets blindly, as if the hand of Athulua herself guided the arrows. As might be imagined, this is an art that the Sisters of the Sightless Eye have long envied and yet have never replicated.


Guided Arrow Information


  • Enhances your arrows and bolt to track your target or seek one of its own.
  • Cast Delay: None
  • Guided Arrow is very effective in Player vs Player battles. 
  • Guided Arrow is handy when it is difficult to hit a moving enemy (Sand Leapers) or you want to hit an enemy around a corner. Keep in mind that Strafe and Multishot can also get the job done.
  • Players focused in Strafe or Multishot may wish to use this for single monsters or bosses.
  • Guided Arrow does not work with Pierce.


 First Level
  • Mana Cost: 8
  • Damage +%: 0




Guided Arrow Synergies

Guided Arrow Receives Synergy From:

  • No synergies


Guided Arrow Provides Synergy to:

  • No synergies


Guided Arrow Progression

 The following chart displays the upgrade values for each level of Guided Arrow

Important Note: With the release of Patch 2.4 this skill has suffered some changes:

  • Damage bonus per level increased from +5% to +7%
Mana Cost
Damage Bonus
1 0%
2 7.7  7%
3 7.5  14%
4 7.2  21% 
5 28%
6 6.7  35%
7 6.5  42%
8 6.2  49%
9 56%
10 5.7  67%
11 5.5  70%
12 5.2  77%
13 84%
14 4.7  91%
15 4.5  98%
16 4.2  105%
17 112%
18 3.7  119%
19 3.5  126%
20 3.2 133%



Notes and Tips

  • With the release of Patch 2.4 this skill has suffered some changes
  • Other Notes & Tips go here




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