Halls of Vaught

Act Act 5
Quests Betrayal of Harrogath
Waypoint No
Area Level Normal: 36
Nightmare: 64
Hell: 84
Levels -

Halls of Vaught is a Location in Diablo 2. Halls of Vaught can be found in Act 5. Halls of Vaught has the following area levels depending on the difficulty: Normal: 36, Nightmare: 64, Hell: 84.


Halls of Vaught Information

Halls of Vaught is the last level in Nihlathak's Temple, it can be accessed from the Halls of Pain, and it's where Nihlathak can be found which is required for the Betrayal of Harrogath quest. If Hell difficulty is being played, Nihlathak will also drop the Key of Destruction, which is required for the Pandemonium Event.


Halls of Vaught NPCs

No NPCs can be found in this location.


Halls of Vaught Merchants

No merchants can be found in this location.


Halls of Vaught Related Quests

Betrayal of Harrogath


Monsters in Halls of Vaught

Monsters (Normal)
Monsters (Nightmare & Hell)
Super Unique Monsters

No bosses can be found in this location.


Halls of Vaught Notes & Tips

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