Mana Recharge Shrine

Effect +400% Mana Recharge Rate
Effect Type Over Time
Duration 96 Seconds
Recharge Time 5 Minutes

Mana Recharge Shrine is a Shrine in Diablo 2. Mana Recharge Shrine temporarily increases by 400% our Hero's Mana Recharge Rate. Most Shrines will provide a temporary boost to the player while others provide an immediate effect. Shrine effects can not be stacked, therefore if the player activates a second Shrine while under the effect of another, the second overrides the effect of the first. Shrines can be found scattered throughout Sanctuary.


Your spiritual forces recover more quickly

Mana Recharge Shrine Effect

  • Increases by +400% the Hero's Mana Recharge Rate


Mana Recharge Shrine Duration

  • Mana Recharge Shrine effect lasts for 96 Seconds


Mana Recharge Shrine Notes & Tips

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