River of Flame

Act Act 4
Quests Hell's Forge
Waypoint Yes
Area Level Normal: 27
Nightmare: 57
Hell: 85
Levels -

River of Flame is a Location in Diablo 2. River of Flame can be found in Act 4. River of Flame has the following area levels depending on the difficulty: Normal: 27, Nightmare: 57, Hell: 85.


River of Flame Information

The River of Flame can be accessed from the City of the Damned and connects it to the Chaos Sanctuary, this area starts to really look like Hell. The Hellforge can be found here which is required for the Hell's Forge quest. The waypoint can always be found before the passage that leads to Chaos Sanctuary.


River of Flame NPCs


River of Flame Merchants

No merchants can be found in this location.


River of Flame Related Quests

Hell's Forge


Monsters in River of Flame

Super Unique Monsters

No bosses can be found in this location.


River of Flame Notes & Tips

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