The Walkthrough for Diablo 2 will help you find the path and tips you need to get past all the Locations and Acts. The walkthrough includes a list of all information regarding the Quests, Bosses and NPCs that can be found throughout the game.



Walkthrough for Diablo 2

It is not mandatory or necesary for the progress of the game, but the optional quests amy reward you with useful rewards that will make your game easier. You will have to defeat the enemies in your way, explore and loot the locations you travel to, in order to level up and obtain useful equipment that will help you throughout the game. The maps are randomly generated so you may have to find the way yourself to follow the instructions below. The main requirement to complete the game is to the defeat every Act Boss to gain access to the Next Act until you defeat Baal. But some Act Bosses are found in locations that can only be accessed by completing certain tasks. Activating Waypoints is key to return to your town, buy supplies and equipment, and take a shortcut to where you left your quest. It's also useful in case you died, you will be able to return quickly to continue completing your quest.

Act I: The Sightless Eye

Make your way to the Catacombs

You will start the game at the Rogue Encampment, there's only one access to the next area which is Blood Moor, some optional quests can be completed by accessing Den Of Evil (Cave) from here, but they are not mandatory. This is the first wilderness area, find the way to Cold Plains. This locations is connected to various areas, but you need to follow the path to Stony Field, and from there get access to the Underground Passage that leads to a forest called Dark Wood. Some other optional quests to do here. Access to Black Marsh and search for a cave that leads to Tamoe Highland. In this locations there's a thin path to the Monastery Gate, go there. Enter the gate and you'll be at the Outer Cloister, and there are 3 ways to explore from here, find the one that leads to the Barracks. More interesting optional quests can be completed here. Reach the Jail, it has 3 levels, travel through them and go to Inner Cloister which can be accessed from the third level. You can reach the Cathedral from here, then find the way to Catacombs. The Catabombs are a dungeon of 4 levels, there's a waypoint on the second level, and it's the last waypoint before encountering the Act Boss, Andariel.

Defeat Andariel

She can be found at the fourth level of the Catacombs. Defeat Andariel to be able to travel to the next Act.

Act II: The Secret of the Vizjerei

Horadric Staff

You will start the second Act in an ancient called Lut Gholein. You can pick different paths to take, but first head to the one that leads to a desert called Rocky Waste. Then go to Dry Hills, and find the entrance to the Halls of the Dead. Enter until you reach the third level, find a chest that contains The Horadric Cube. Then return to Deckard Cain at Lut Gholein. And back to Dry Hills, go to Far Oasis and find the Maggot Lair. Reach level 3 and defeat Coldworm The Burrower to open the golden chest where you will find the Staff of Kings. Go back to Far Oasis, and find the Lost City, then through the Valley of Snakes until you reach Claw Viper Temple. Go to the second level, Defeat all Enemies and destroy the altar to obtain the Amulet of the Viper. Put both the Staff of Kings and the Viper Amulet into the Horadric Cube to create the Horadric Staff.

The Arcane Sanctuary

Go back to Deckard Cain and show him the Horadric Staff, then talk to Lord Jerhyn. By doing this, you will obtain access to Arcane Sanctuary. You may complete The Arcane Sanctuary quest if you want to, but from this point, that's optional.

Make your way to Tal Rasha's Tomb

From Lut Gholein, go to the Palace Cellar, get to the third level use the portal at the center to reach Arcane Sanctuary. There are 4 paths to choose once in the sanctuary, you may defeat The Summoner here to complete the optional quest: Summoner. Find the path that leads to Canyon of the Magi. Once inside, insert the Horadric Staff into the Orifice to open the wall to access the Tal Rasha's Tomb. In here you will find 7 tombs, but only one of them is Tal Rasha's Tomb, the rest of them are fake. Find the correct one, to reach Tal Rasha's Tomb.

Defeat Duriel

Defeat Duriel. Tyrael will be found closeby. Talk to him and go back to town. Now you are able to start to the next Act.

Act III: The Infernal Gate

Destroy the Compelling Orb

You will start the third Act at Kurast Docks, part of the Kurast City. You need to collect four items.

  1. Head to the Spider Forest, find the Spider Cavern. Defeat Sszark the Burning, open the chest to get Khalim's Eye.
  2. Back to the Spider Forest, go to the Flayer Jungle, find the Flayer Dungeon. Defeat the Witch Doctor Endugu, and open the chest to obtain Khalim's Brain, go back to Flayer Jungle.
  3. Make your way to the Lower Kurast, then through the Kurast Bazaar, find Kurast Sewers and loot the golden chest to acquire Khalim's Heart, after defeating Icehawk Riftwing.
  4. Go back to Kurast Bazaar, until you reach the Upper Kurast. Find a bridge, it is called Kurast Causeway, it is a bridge that leads to Travincal. In Travincal find and defeat Ismail Vilehand to obtain Khalim's Flail.

Transmute the four items in the Horadric Cube to obtain the Khalim's Will. Use it to destroy the Compelling Orb to unlock the Durance of Hate's entrance.

Defeat Mephisto

 Enter the Durance Of Hate, you will find the last waypoint before encountering the Act Boss at level 2. Find and Defeat Mephisto.

Act IV: The Harrowing

Make your way to Chaos Sanctuary

You will start the fourth Act, the shortest Act of the game, at the Pandemonium Fortress. Leave the Pandemonium Fortress, to the Outer Steppes. Head to the Plains of Despair and then to the City of the Damned. Find the River of Flame that connects the City of the Damned to the Chaos Sanctuary. The last waypoint before encountering the Act Boss is found before the passage that leads to Chaos Sanctuary.

Defeat Diablo

Diablo is hidden by five seals that need to be opened to reveal Diablo himself. Three of those seals will release a Super Unique Monster and the three of them must be defeated to release Diablo. Defeat Diablo.

Act V: Lord of Destruction

Reach the Arreat Summit

You will start the fifth and last Act at Harrogath, the last barbarian bastion against Baal. Right outside the town you will find the Bloody Foothills, and head to Frigid Highlands. Here you may complete some optional quests. Find the Crystalline Passage that leads to the Glacial Trail. Go deeper to the Frozen Tundra. Here you can find The Ancients' Way, and then access to the Arreat Summit.

Rite of Passage

In the Arreat Summit you will find the Ancient Ones: Madawc, Talic and Korlic. You have to defeat them without leaving the area. Once you defeated them you will gain accecss to Worldstone Keep.

Reach the Throne of Destruction

Enter the Worldstone Keep, on the second level of the dungeon you will find the last Waypoint before encountering the Act Boss. Reach the third level of the dungeon where you can access to the Throne of Destruction.

The 5 Waves

Baal can be found here in the Throne of Destruction. He will summon 5 waves of enemies with one tough Super Unique Monster each, while Baal casts Decrepify against your character repeatedly. Each Super Unique Monster will be summoned after you defeated the previous one in the following order: 

Once you took down all the waves, Baal will open a portal and go through it. You must follow him through the same portal.

Defeat Baal

Enter the The Worldstone Chamber. Now you can fight Baal directly and he will use all his special attacks against you now. Defeat Baal.

You have now completed the game.

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