Wirt's Leg

Wirt's Leg
Related Quests N/A
Location Tristram
How To Obtain Loot Wirt's Corpse

Wirt's Leg is a Quest Item in Diablo 2. Wirt's Leg can be obtained at Tristram by looting Wirt's Corpse. Wirt's Leg is used to open a portal to the Secret Cow Level


Wirt's Leg Information


Wirt's Leg Related Quests

Wirt's Leg is related to the following quests:

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 Wirt's Leg Location

Wirt's Leg can be obtained in the following location:


How to obtain Wirt's Leg


Wirt's Leg Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      I have wirt's leg and a tomb of town portal. My character is at Hell level . I have been in the rogue encampment in easy, nightmare and Hell mode, attempted to transmute with the cube with zero result. Your instruction to enter the so called "secret is incorrect"

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