Radament's Lair

Part of Act II: The Secret of the Vizjerei

By talking to Atma


+1 Skill Point
Horadric Scroll
Discounted prices on Lut Gholein's Merchants

Radament's Lair is an Act II Quest in Diablo 2. Radament's Lair can be unlocked by talking to Atma. Quests can be acquired by talking to NPCs, reading books or by completing other Quests.


I don't expect this of you, but if you help me, I would be grateful. In the sewers below our city, there lurks a horrid creature that hungers for human flesh. The creature has killed many, including my son and my husband. If you destroy it, I will reward you. Please be careful though, that beast has taken enough from us already. The sewer entrance is through the trap door just up the street.

Radament's Lair Walkthrough


 How to unlock Radament's Lair

  • By talking to Atma


Radament's Lair Rewards


Radament's Lair Notes & Tips

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