Skills for Diablo 2 refers to Character Progression by investing Skill Points into Skill Trees that unlock active & passive abilities. Each class has 3 different Skill Trees, where skill points can be assigned.

Important Note: With the release of Patch 2.4 some skills have suffered changes. You can see it in detail, by clicking here

How to Get Skill Points

By leveling up, you earn 1 skill point. You can also earn skill points by completing certain Quests (Den of Evil, Radament's Lair and  The Fallen Angel).


How to Spend Skill Points

Enter the Skills menu and click on the one you want to unlock or upgrade to spend your Skill Points.


Can I Respec My Skill Points?

Yes, you can respec after completing the Den of Evil Quest. By doing so, you obtain one respec per difficulty. The second way to obtain a Respec is by obtaining the four essences from the Act Bosses and then combining the four objects in the Horadric Cube. This will create a Token of Absolution.

  • Twisted Essence of Suffering from Andariel or Duriel
  • Charged Essence of Hatred from Mephisto
  • Burning Essence of Terror from Diablo
  • Festering Essence of Destruction from Baal.


All Skill in Diablo 2

Amazon Skills


Assassin Skills


Barbarian Skills


Howl ♦ Find Potion ♦ Shout ♦ Taunt ♦ Find Item ♦ Battle Cry ♦ Battle Orders ♦ Grim Ward ♦ War Cry ♦ Battle Command


Druid Skills

Shape Shifting Skills

Werewolf ♦ Lycanthropy ♦ Werebear ♦ Maul ♦ Feral Rage ♦ Fire Claws ♦ Rabies ♦ Shock Wave ♦ Hunger ♦ Fury


Necromancer Skills


Amplify Damage ♦ Dim Vision ♦ Weaken ♦ Iron Maiden ♦ Terror ♦ Confuse ♦ Life Tap ♦ Attract ♦ Decrepify ♦ Lower Resist


Paladin Skills


Sorceress Skills

Fire Spells

Fire Bolt ♦ Warmth ♦ Inferno ♦ Fire Ball ♦ Blaze ♦ Fire Wall ♦ Enchant ♦ Meteor ♦ Fire Mastery ♦ Hydra


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