Within Act III of Diablo 2, players can find 6 different QuestsQuests are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain NPCs. The Quest Log button pops up in down on the left of the screen when a quest event is triggered. The final quest of each act must be completed to advance to the next act.


Act III: The Infernal Gate

The Golden Bird

(Obtained by finding A Jade Figurine)

Alkor asks who has not dreamt of immortality. One man is rumored to have done more than merely dream. Find the Golden Bird of Ku Y'leh and you might find the secret to everlasting life.


  • +20 health points (permanently)

This quest is optional but useful due to the rewarded health points.

Blade of the Old Religion

(Given after completing the Golden Bird Quest or by entering the Flayer Jungle)

Hratti tells you he has placed an enchantment upon the dockside in order to keep the demons at bay. But lately, the enchantment seems to be weakening. If memory serves Hratti correctly, there is a holy Skatsimi blade that could revitalize the enchantment. The blade is called The Gidbinn. Find it, and our sanctuary here will remain safe.

This quest is optional.

Khalim's Will

(Given by Deckard Cain after completing the Golden Bird quest or by entering the Great Marsh)

Cain tells you to never forget that your ultimate purpose here in Kurast is to destroy Mephisto. The ancient Horadrim imprisoned the Lord of Hatred inside the Guardian Tower that is located within the Temple City of Travincal.

The only way to gain entry to Mephisto's prison is to destroy the artifact known as the Compelling Orb. Mephisto used this device to control the Zakarum Priests and their followers. The Orb can only be destroyed with an ancient flail imbued with the spirit of the one incorruptible priest.

Your task is to collect the scattered relics of Khalim - his Heart, his Brain, and his Eye. Then, using the Horadric Cube, transmute Khalim's Flail with his relics. Once this is accomplished, you must destroy the Compelling Orb with Khalim's Will (Item) to open the way into the corrupt sanctum of Mephisto.

This quest is required to go to Durance of Hate where Mephisto can be found.

Lam Esen's Tome

(Given by Alkor after completing the Blade of the Old Religion. You must also have entered the Kurast Bazaar, to trigger the quest)

Alkor tells you there is a very special book you must find for him. It was written long ago by a sage known as Lam Esen, who studied Skatsimi magic and the effects of the Prime Evils on the mortal world. The Black Book was lost when the Children of Zakarum took over this land. Now, you must reclaim it without delay! Its knowledge may aid us in this dark time ahead.


  • +5 Stat points

This quest is optional but useful due to the rewarded stat points.

The Blackened Temple

(Given by Ormus after completing the Lam Esen's Tome Quest or by entering the Kurast Causeway)

Ormus tells you that you have done well. Your courage and valor are an inspiration. But now the time has come to face those responsible for the evil that has stifled the land. You must destroy the High Council of Zakarum! Long ago, these elders were charged with the stewardship of Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, who was imprisoned within the Guardian Tower. Through the generations, these pious men slowly fell more and more under the sway of Mephisto's malevolent power and the Council became an evil mockery of its former glory.

This quest is required to go to Durance of Hate where Mephisto can be found.

The Guardian

(Given by Ormus after smashing the Compelling Orb)

Ormus tells you that Diablo and Baal have surely found the Temple City by now. They seek to free their brother, Mephisto, who was imprisoned by the Horadrim in the Temple's Guardian Tower. You must reach him before his brothers do and prevent them from releasing Hatred upon the world.

Killing Mephisto is required for the progress of the game. (The Blackened Temple quest is required to go to Durance of Hate where Mephisto can be found)


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