New Player Help for Diablo 2 provides various information that will help a player understand the basics of the game's mechanics as well as recommended things to do before starting the game or concepts that revolve around the world of Diablo.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Tips

  1. Pick Sorceress - it's the best starter and farming class
  2. Pick Skills - use our Builds for the best info on character customization
  3. Buy Tomes - your inventory fills up quickly so Tomes are lifesavers
  4. Stash & Sash - use your Stash to keep items, and upgrade your sash / belt for more potion slots
  5. Corpse Recovery - if you die, leave your game and reload, and your corpse will spawn next to you.
  6. Improve Loot Chances - Magic Find improves the loot you find so it's always a good idea
  7. Hire a Mercenary - Get an NPC companion to aid you as you quest
  8. Online Loot is Shared - Loot is not just for you, and other players can grab everything if you aren't fast
  9. PC vs Console - Gameplay is rather different, and there is no cross-play
  10. Plug in a Controller - Even on PC, the controller works very well and gives you lots of skill options.

Helpful Pages for D2 Remaster

  • Classes: Learn about the 7 available classes in Diablo 2
  • Skills: This page covers all 3 Skill trees of each Class in the game.
  • Stats & Attributes: Learn about all the stats in the game and how they affect your character.
  • Weapons: Tools of destruction to banish the armies of Hell!
  • Armor: Protective gear to mitigate damage. 
  • Sets: Powerful sets that include Armor and Weapons.
  • Crafting: Learn to use the Horadric Cube and uncover all of its secrets!
  • Difficulty Modes: Progress through the game and keep advancing to obtain even better loot.



Diablo 2 New Player Help


Movements and Actions

On PC you move your character by left-clicking on the direction you desire to go. To attack, simply click on the enemy you wish to damage. On consoles you have to use the left stick in order to move your character.


Attributes in Diablo 2 are divided into four main categories: Strength, Dexterity, Vitality and Energy. Each one of them governs over different aspects of your playable character and have an impact on how you play. 

You can learn more about Attributes by clicking HERE

Experience & Leveling Up

Killing monsters grant you experience that allow you to level up your character. Once you level up, you earn 5 points that can be allocated in the four main attributes: StrengthDexterityVitality and Energy; and also earn 1 Skill point to acquire a new Skill or upgrade one you already heave. 

If there's a small level difference between you and the monster (5 levels or less), you receive 100% of that monster's experience points upon killing it. As the level difference increases, you will receive less experience points.  


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