Within Act V of Diablo 2, players can find 6 different QuestsQuests are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain NPCs. The Quest Log button pops up in down on the left of the screen when a quest event is triggered. The final quest of each act must be completed to advance to the next act.


Act V: Lord of Destruction

Siege on Harrogath

(Given by Larzuk or by entering the siege area near Shenk the Overseer)

Harrogath is under siege by Baal's demons. If you wish to make good on your promise and prove yourself to Larzuk and the others bring those infernal catapults to a halt. They are threatening to bring down the very walls around us.


  • Larzuk adds the maximum number of sockets to regular items, based on: Base Item, Item Type, and item's (creation) level. The latter, which is often referred to as the 'ilvl', is determined by the source that dropped the item (monster's level if dropped from a monster).
  • Magic Items will receive 1 or 2 Sockets with probability of either assuming that they are possible given the rules for normal. So you'll either get 1 Socket or 2.
  • Set Items, Rare Items, Unique Items, and Crafted Items add 1 Socket (1 Socket Max).

This quest is optional but useful due to the rewarded socket addition available for any non-socketed item.

Rescue on Mount Arreat

(Given by Qual-Kehk after defeating Shenk the Overseer, or by entering the Frigid Highlands)

Since the siege has ended, Qual-Kehk has turned his concern toward his men still imprisoned among the demons. The gods only know what's being done with them. In your journey up the mountain keep your eyes open for Qual-Kehk's soldiers and bring them back to him if you can.

This quest is optional.

Prison of Ice

(Given by Malah or get within range of Anya in the area known as the Frozen River)

Anya, a young alchemist and daughter to one of our slain elders, has disappeared. She is a strong crafty woman with a spirit like no others, except for maybe your own. One night just before your arrival Malah saw her and Nihlathak arguing about something. The next morning she was gone. Nihlathak has his own stories as to where she went, but Malah fears he is hiding something, something Anya knows about.

Find Anya and bring her back to Harrogath. If something is wrong with Nihlathak, she'll know what to do. You must kill him. Stop him from destroying everything we have fought for aeons to protect. 


  • All Resistances +10 (Scroll of Resistance)
  • Rare class-specific item for the class played

This quest is optional but useful due to the rewarded resistance scroll.

Betrayal of Harrogath

(Given by Anya)

Nihlathak plans to make a deal with Baal to protect this town. He is giving Baal the relic of the Ancients, our most holy token. It allows anyone to walk unfettered into the mountain. Anya tried to stop him but he imprisoned her among the hordes.

Nihlathak must be stopped before he dooms us all. His delirium is no excuse for his actions. As much as Anya would love to strangle the life out of him herself, her imprisonment has left her too weak.


  • Personalize adds your character name to an item.
  • The item is also repaired and recharged.

This quest is optional.

Rite of Passage

(Given by Qual-Kehk or reach the top of the mountain)

You are making your way up to the top of the mountain. None here would ever dare get as close to it as you have. It is sacred to those of Harrogath; our most holy place. The legends say that it is guarded by the Ancient Ones. They block the path of all the unworthy.

It makes no difference what Qual-Kehk or the others think of you. It will be the Ancients that decide if you are worthy of this battle. Good luck.

Rewards: (You cannot get credit for this quest unless your character Level is at least 20 in Normal, at least 40 in Nightmare and at least 60 on Hell difficulty).

  • Normal: 1,400,000 xp
  • Nightmare: 20,000,000 xp
  • Hell: 40,000,000 xp

This quest is required to go to Worldstone Keep where Baal can be found.

Eve of Destruction

(Given by the Ancients)

Beware. As you enter the gates to the mountain you will not be alone. Baal, the Lord of Destruction, is already inside.

Tyrael has always been our protector, but even he cannot help us now. Baal has blocked our spiritual presence from entering the chamber of the Worldstone. Only you mortal have any chance of defeating him now.

He threatens the Worldstone and with it the world itself. You must stop Baal before it is too late. If he gains control of the Worldstone all is lost.

Killing Baal is required for the progress of the game. (The Rite of Passage is required to go to Worldstone Keep where Baal can be found)


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