Magic Find or MF is a Stat in Diablo 2. Magic Find is represented in percentages, it's a bonus that increases the chances of an item drop to be magical. To clarify, it does not increase the chance to drop an magical item, instead, it increases the chance of a drop item to be magical. The amount of dropped items won't change by increasing MF. Increasing Magic Find, will also increase the chance of a dropped item to be Rare, Set or Unique. 


Magic Find

Magic Find is a value, it adds a percentage of chances to the standard chance for an item to be magical. Indicated as follows:


Standard Chance +

Standard Chance × MF



= Magic Chance

The Standard Chance is the individual chance for a item drop to be magical.


Let's say there's a certain item which chances for it to be magical are 3/1000, then that's simply the Chance for an item drop to be Magical if your MF is at 0%. If your character's MF at 100%, this will increase those chances by 100%, this is, 3/1000 increased by 100% is: 6/1000 chances to be Magical. Which is still very far from having a 1000/1000 chance for an item drop to be magical. This is a way to understand that 100% MF does not equal 100% Chance for an item drop to be magical.

Rare, Set and Uniques

The Magic Find value indicates how much it increases the chances for an item drop to magical, but it also increases the chances for an item drop to be rare, set or unique. These chances are affected by different values that depend on MF but their Effective MF is given differently.

Calculating Effective MF

The Effective MF for Rare, Set and Unique are calculated as follows:

MF × Drop type Parameter

MF + Drop Type Parameter


= Effective MF

The Drop Type Parameter is used to calculate the Effective MF and it must be replaced with the following values:

  • Drop Type Parameter = 600 for Rare
  • Drop Type Parameter = 500 for Set
  • Drop Type Parameter = 250 for Unique

The increment, as you increase the MF, is not linear for Rare, Set and Unique drops. At higher values, it may cost you a lot of MF to increase just a bit of Effective MF on those drops.

Reference Values

Magic Find Rare Effective MF Set Effective MF Unique Effective MF
100% 85.71% 83.33% 71.42%
200% 150% 142.85% 111.11%
300% 200% 187.50% 136.36%
400% 240% 222.22% 153.84%
500% 272.72% 250% 166.66%
600% 300% 272.72% 176.47%
700% 323.07% 291.66% 184.21%
800% 342.85% 307.69% 190.47%
900% 360% 321.42% 195.65%
1000% 375% 333.33% 200%



  • Some item drops are not affected by Magic Find, like Runes and Potions.
  • Magic Find cannot counter the effect of low Luck.


Builds created to farm items and gear may consider increasing MF according to how convinient it would be. There must be a good balance between combat effectiveness and Magic Find. Otherwise, increasing MF may cost you too much combat effectiveness may reduce your drops in terms of time, because it may take more time for you to defeat your enemies. This would be negative for a Item Farming build.

For detailed information, visit Builds.


Skills, Stats & Equipment that provide Magic Find

Socketed Items




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