Rite of Passage

Part of Act V: Lord of Destruction
Acquisition By talking to Qual-Kehk or by reaching Mount Arreat's summit.
Reward Experience Bonus

Rite of Passage is an Act V Quest in Diablo 2. Rite of Passage can be unlocked by talking to Qual-Kehk or by reaching Mount Arreat's summit. Quests can be acquired by talking to NPCs, reading books or by completing other Quests.


Every time I hear of you, warrior, your deeds become more legendary. But take heed. You are approaching the very summit of Mount Arreat. I have never dared venture there. It is sacred -- our most holy place. The legends say it is guarded by the Ancient Ones, who block the path of all who are unworthy. Your reputation here does not matter...It will be the Ancients who determine your worthiness. Good luck

Rite of Passage Walkthrough

  • Go to the top of Arreat Summit and defeat the 3 Ancients without leaving the area.


 How to unlock Rite of Passage


Rite of Passage Rewards


Rite of Passage Notes & Tips

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