Super Mana Potion

Mana Potion

Super Mana Potion


replenish your Mana over time

Super Mana Potion is a Mana Potion in Diablo 2. Super Mana Potion replenish your Mana over time. Mana Potion replenishes a different amount of resource depending on the character Class


Super Mana Potion Classes Effect

Depending on the Character Class the benefit varies:


Where to find Super Mana Potion

  • You can find Super Mana Potion inside chests or crates throughout the game
  • You can buy Super Mana Potion from Merchants.


Horadric Cube Recipes

  • You can transmute x3 Super Mana Potion  to create x1  


Super Mana Potion Notes & Tips

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  • Other tips and notes goes here... 



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