Act Act 3
Quests The Blackened Temple
Waypoint Yes
Area Level Normal: 24
Nightmare: 54
Hell: 82
Levels -

Travincal is a Location in Diablo 2. Travincal can be found in Act 3. Travincal has the following area levels depending on the difficulty: Normal: 24, Nightmare: 54, Hell: 82.


Travincal Information

Travincal is the last surface level in Act 3 and it can be accessed from Kurast Causeway, and by completing The Blackened Temple quest the player will be able to enter the Durance of Hate where Mephisto can be found. The waypoint can always be found on the west side, in a building.


Travincal NPCs

No NPCs can be found in this location.


Travincal Merchants

No merchants can be found in this location.


Travincal Related Quests

The Blackened Temple


Monsters in Travincal

Super Unique Monsters

No bosses can be found in this location.


Travincal Notes & Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here.


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