Terror's End

Part of Act IV: The Harrowing
Acquisition By talking to Tyrael at Pandemonium Fortress, after the Hell's Forge quest is completed.
Reward Unlocks Act V

Terror's End is an Act IV Quest in Diablo 2. Terror's End can be unlocked By talking to Tyrael at Pandemonium Fortress.. Quests can be acquired by talking to NPCs, reading books or by completing other Quests.


The time has come to hunt down and destroy Diablo, himself. But beware, the Lord of Terror is not to be underestimated. He single-handedly destroyed the town of Tristram and corrupted the last noble hero who tried to stop him. This time, you must defeat him for good. Only by destroying the Soulstone which he carries will his spirit be banished forever. Good luck! Though this be our darkest hour, it may yet be your greatest moment.

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