Blood Belt


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Base Stats

There are no Base Stats as it is rolled with your material item stats.


Open Wounds (5-10)%
(1-3)% Life Stolen Per Hit
+(10-20) To Life

Blood Belt is a Belt and it is a Blood Item in Diablo 2. Blood Belt can be equipped by all  relevant classes and provides ?? potion slots. Depending on their rarity, Belts can have random or unique modifiers that greatly increase the player capabilities.


Blood Belt Modifiers

Blood Belt has the following modifiers:

Open Wounds (5-10)%
(1-3)% Life Stolen Per Hit
+(10-20) To Life


Blood Belt Base stats

Blood Belt has the following base stats:

There are no Base Stats as it is rolled with your material item stats.


Blood Belt Materials

Magical Belt or Mesh Belt (Excep) or Mithril Coil (Elite) + Jewel (any) +1x tal rune diablo 2 wiki guide 50pxTal + 1x perfect ruby gem diablo2 wiki guide 98pxPerfect Ruby


Blood Belt Notes & Tips

  • Belts increase the amount of slots for quick-use potions and scrolls of Identify or Town Portal.
  • Notes and tips go here



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