Open Wounds

Makes the target to bleed, causing it to lose health for 8 Seconds

Open Wounds is a Combat mechanic in Diablo 2Open Wounds makes the target bleed, causing it to lose health for 8 seconds. Combat Mechanics are different tools at the player's disposal to face the forces of Hell. Below, you can see a detailed description on what Open Wounds.


Open Wounds Information

Open Wounds is a combat mechanic that appears as a Chance on Hit mod on several items. The game will roll for the chance for Open Wounds to occur on every eligible melee or ranged attack. If the effect does occur, it causes the monster to bleed, causing them to lose health for 8 seconds. Item modifiers for Open Wounds tend to stack, unless a character is wielding two Weapons. The chances do not cross between them.

The amount of health the monster loses is scaled with the player's level. It does about 800 damage over 8 seconds at level 50. If Open Wounds is triggered by a ranged attack, the bleed damage is divided by 2.
If it is targeted  on a player, the bleed damage is divided by 4 for a melee attack and by 8 for a ranged attack.
If it is targeted on Unique or Bosses, the bleed damage is divided by 2 for melee attacks and by 4 for a ranged attack.

Once Open Wounds has been inflicted upon an Enemy, said monster can't regenerate health while the effect of Open Wounds is active.



Skills, Stats & Equipment that provide Open Wounds

Socketed Items









Open Wounds Notes and Tips

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