Drognan is an Act II NPC and Merchant in Diablo 2. Drognan can be found at Lut Gholein and can be used to trade Items. NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the hero during the story. Some NPCs are vital to the main Story, whilst others provide background chatter, lore, or Optional Quests.


I've heard that you are responsible for banishing Andariel back to the Burning Hells. I'm impressed, stranger. That couldn't have been easy. My name is Drognan and I know what you're up against, my friend. You should look over my inventory of items for trade.

Drognan Information

Drognan Location

  • Can be found near the north-eastern exit of Lut Gholein.


Drognan Related Quests


Drognan Notes & Tips

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