Act Act II: The Secret of the Vizjerei
Quest The Seven Tombs
Services None
Location Lut Gholein

Jerhyn is an Act II NPC in Diablo 2. Jerhyn can be found at Lut Gholein and talking to him is required to unlock Act III. NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the hero during the story. Some NPCs are vital to the main Story, whilst others provide background chatter, lore, or Optional Quests.


Greetings, honored traveler. I am Jerhyn, Lord of Lut Gholein, and I bid you welcome to my fair port-city. I'm glad to know that once again caravans are free to travel through the Western Pass. For some time now, we have been under siege by an evil power that I cannot identify. Strange... It all began when a Dark Wanderer came this way, looking for the Tomb of Tal Rasha. No one knows exactly where Tal Rasha, Keeper of Baal, is entombed, but it is certain to be far out in the desert. Now, my people whisper tales of the dead rising from their tombs and horrible creatures lurking amongst the moonlit dunes. Even I have witnessed things which I cannot explain. I've ordered the port closed and all trade ships moored until I am sure that my city is safe. Atma, the tavernkeeper, has an important mission for you. Go see her immediately. You'll find her on the other side of town. Now, I must return to the palace. I apologize, but I can't invite you in. Things are... rather a mess right now.

Jerhyn Information

  • Talking to Jerhyn is required after defeating Duriel to travel to Act III.


Jerhyn Location

  • Can be found standing near Warriv the first time the Hero arrives to Lut Gholein.
  • After talking to him, he moves to the lavish Palace in the center of Lut Gholein.


Jerhyn Related Quests


Jerhyn Notes & Tips

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