Stats & Attributes for Diablo 2 covers the various attributes of the playable character. In this page, you can find all the information related to Attributes, Stats, Status Ailments, Character Stats, etc.


Attributes in Diablo 2



The amount of hits your character can endure. If it depletes, your character dies.



The energy source your character drains upon in order to use Skills.




Stamina represents your character's energy and fatigue.




Determines the amount of damage you deal with your equipped Weapon. It also determines the type of Armor you are able to equip. Each point of Strength increases your damage by 1% of your weapon's damage.

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Determines how likely you are to hit your target, and also determines how likely your target is to hit you. Most ranged weapons require Dexterity in order to be equipped. Dexterity also governs the chance you have to block an enemy attack if equipped with a Shield.

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Determines the amount of Life and Stamina your character has. 

Related Stats: Life diams; Stamina.


Determines the amount of Mana your character has.

Related Stats: Mana ♦ Mana Regeneration.


Elemental Resistances

Cold Resistance

Reduces damage received from cold sources

Fire Resistance

Reduces damage received from Fire sources

Lightning Resistance

Reduces damage received from Lightning sources

Poison Resistance

Reduces damage received from poison sources


Damage types

Physical Damage

Damage done with melee or ranged Weapons. Defense protects against physical damage. It is the most common type of damage.

Cold Damage

Damage from cold spells, aura's or cold enchanted weapons. Cold damage can slow down Enemies or even freeze them in place. Cold Resistance protects against it.

Fire Damage

Damage from fire spells, aura's or fire enchanted weapons. Fire Resistance protects against it.


Lightning Damage

Damage from lightning spells, aura's or Lightning enchanted Weapons. Lightning damage is random, as it almost never does the same amount of damage, instead it deals damage from a determined range. For example 1-40. It means that it can deal you 1 lightning damage, 40 lightning damage or anything in between. Lightning Resistance protects against Lightning damage.

Poison Damage

Damage from Poison spells, aura's or Poisoned Weapons. Poison Damage does full damage over a certain amount of time, usually labeled as damage per second. Poison Resistance protects from poison damage.

Magic Damage

Magic Damage can be inflicted by the use of certain spells. Some Enemies are immune to Magic Damage. Players don't have a resistance to mitigate Magic Damage.


Suffixes and Prefixes in Diablo 2

Suffixes and Prefixes in Diablo 2 are both attribute modifiers on Magical and Rare Items. Prefixes always come before an item name, whilst Suffixes come after the name. There are a variety of prefixes and Suffixes that are grouped by the attribute they modify on the item.


Prefixes always come before the item name and can appear on both Rare and Magical items. Please visit our Prefixes page for a complete list of them


Suffixes always come after the item name and can appear on both Rare and Magical items. Please visit our Suffixes page for a complete list of them.


Faster Rates & Breakpoints

By increasing the Faster Rates, you will be able to perform different actions in less time, giving you more "turns" to move and fight. But this is only noticeable when your Faster Rates reach certain Breakpoints due to how the game works. Even though the game is rendered at very high FPS (Frames per Second) depending on your gpu/console power, the timings of combat are still programmed as if the game animations worked at 25 FPS. These Faster Rates will only make your character effectively faster when they are increased enough to reduce a Frame of animation.

Click on the Stats below for more information about Faster Rates and Breakpoints..

Faster Cast Rate

Increase the Faster Cast Rate to be able to perform more Spells in less time.

Faster Block Rate

Increase the Faster Block Rate to reduce the time required to effectively Block an attack.

Faster Hit Recovery

Increase the Faster Hit Recovery, to shorten the stun time your character suffers when you receive a big amount of damage in a single attack.

Faster Run/Walk

Increase the Faster Run/Walk, to increase the movement speed of your character.


Magic Find

Magic Find, also known as MF, is a bonus Stat that only affects the item drops when defeating Enemies. It doesn't affect anything else. It doesn't counter the Luck attribute of your character. Magic Find is one of the Stats that many players focus on when they are creating a build to farm items and gear. It is recommended to consider at what cost you are going to increase your MF, because if you lose combat effectiveness, then you may need more time to defeat your enemies, decreasing in the amount of enemies defeated per minute, which would be negative for your farming build.

For detailed information, visit Magic Find.


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