Ladder in Diablo 2 is an optional game mode that lasts for a couple of months and forces the players to start a new character in order to participate. Ladder is named Seasons in more modern incarnations of the franchise, given that Ladder is divided into different seasons. Seasons were reset from time to time, starting the process all over again.

Players create a new character to participate in the Ladder, being only able to interact with other players participating on the ladder. Players won't be able to receive help, party or trade with any character from outside the Ladder. Once the season finishes, the created Ladder character will be available to play normal mode, and in order to play the new Season of the Ladder, a new character has to be created.

Ladder seasons tend to run for six to eight months. 

There is a lot of Equipment that can only be obtained by playing through the Ladder, unavailable for Players that engage in normal mode. 

Ladder only Items

 The following pieces of equipment can only be found by playing through the Ladder:





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