Find Potion


Use on the corpse of a slain monster for a chance to find a potion. 

First Level

Mana Cost: 2
Chance to Find %: 15

Class Barbarian
Skill Tree Warcries
Type Active
Required Level 1
Damage Type Physical

Find Potion is a Barbarian Skill in Diablo 2. Find Potion is part of the Warcries Skill Tree and requires level 1 to be unlocked. Skills usually define a character's playstyle and are divided by Class and Skill Tree. Some Skills have synergies, which provide benefits to other skills on the same Skill Tree.


When a warrior is injured while out in the field, he must find ways to effectively heal wounds. By picking among the glands and entrails of the recently dead, a Barbarian warrior can sometimes scavenge enough ingredients to make a powerful healing elixir. Some Barbarians are skillful and fortunate enough to find ingredients for a potion that restores not only their health but their spirit as well.


Find Potion Information


  • Use on the corpse of a slain monster for a chance to find a potion. 
  • Cast Delay: None
  • Player vs Player - You cannot cast this on other player Corpses.
  • Find Potion will find all levels of Healing and Mana and Rejuvenation potions. The level of potion received depends on the act. Higher level acts will give more powerful potions.
  • Use Find Potion on a corpse to prevent it from being raised by monsters such as Shamans.


First Level
  • Mana Cost: 2
  • Chance to Find %: 15



  • Find Potion Required Level: 1
  • Find Potion Prerequisites: None


Find Potion Synergies

Find Potion Receives Synergy From:

  • No synergies


Find Potion Provides Synergy to:

  • No synergies


Find Potion Progression

The following chart displays the upgrade values for each level of Find Potion
Mana Cost: 2

1 15%
2 27%
3 36%
4 44%
5 50%
6 55%
7 59%
8 62%
9 66%
10 68%
11 71%
12 73%
13 75%
14 77%
15 78%
16 80%
17 81%
18 82%
19 83%
20 84%



Notes and Tips

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Barbarian Warcries in Diablo 2
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