Hell's Forge

Part of Act IV: The Harrowing
Acquisition By talking to Deckard Cain at the beginning of Act IV
Reward High quality Gems, at least 1 Perfect Gem and a Rune.

Hell's Forge is an Act IV Quest in Diablo 2. Hell's Forge can be unlocked by talking to Deckard Cain at the beginning of Act IV. Quests can be acquired by talking to NPCs, reading books or by completing other Quests.


The time has come to destroy Mephisto's Soulstone! Although I picked it up before entering the Infernal Gate, I believe you should carry out this crucial mission. Take the Stone to the Hellforge. Place it upon the forge and strike it soundly with the Hammer. Only by doing this can you prevent Mephisto from manifesting in this world ever again

Hell's Forge Walkthrough


 How to unlock Hell's Forge


Hell's Forge Rewards


Hell's Forge Notes & Tips

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