Level Requirement: 53

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20% Bonus To Attack Rating

Armor, Helms & Shields

5% To Maximum Poison Resistance

Gul is a Rune in Diablo 2. Gul can be applied to Socketed Items, by doing so it grants said item different properties depending on if the Socketed Item is a Weapon or a piece of Armor. Runes can also be used in some Horadric Cube's recipes. When socketed in a certain combination and order, Runes can become Runewords, giving more powerful bonuses to the item they have socketed.


Gul Modifiers & Effects

Gul grants the following modifiers:


20% Bonus To Attack Rating


Armor, Helms and Shields

5% To Maximum Poison Resistance



An item Socketed with a Gul Rune increases the item's level requirement to 53, unless it was already higher.


How to find Gul

  • The Hellforge on Hell difficulty has a 1 to 11 chance to drop a Gul Rune as part of its reward. 


Runewords that use Gul

Gul can be used in the following Runewords:


Horadric Recipes that use Gul

  • You can transmute x2 Gul Runes and a Ruby to create a Vex rune. (Only Single-player, open or ladder)


Gul Notes & Tips

  • Notes and tips go here


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