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Enemies take damage when they cause melee damage to party members.

First Level

Radius (yards): 10.6

Class Paladin
Skill Tree Offensive Auras
Type Active / Passive
Required Level 6
Damage Type Physical

Thorns is a Paladin Skill in Diablo 2. Thorns is part of the Offensive Auras Skill Tree and requires level 6 to be unlocked. Skills usually define a character's playstyle and are divided by Class and Skill Tree. Some Skills have synergies, which provide benefits to other skills on the same Skill Tree.

Important Note: With the release of Patch 2.4 this skill has been updated.


An eye for an eye is sometimes not enough. Those who would strike the emissaries of the Light had best take warning, for retribution shall be swift and certain. The might of your blows shall be felt a hundred fold unto you!


Thorns Information


  • Enemies take damage when they cause melee damage to party members.
  • Cast Delay: None
  • Player vs Player: Thorns will do 1/8th the damage.
  • This aura will do severe damage to any monster or player that hits the Paladin with a Melee attack. Thorns will only work if the enemy actually hits you however, so consider using this when you are taking a lot of damage. If the monster is unable to hit you due to your high defense, high shield blocking, high level compared to the monster, or because you kill them before they are able to attack you, consider using a different aura. This Aura also works well in parties against any monsters that may hit your party members.


 First Level
  • Radius (yards): 10.6
  • Since Patch 2.4, the Aura returns a flat amount of damage on top of a percentage of damage received back to the attacker. Flat damage returned works like "Attacker takes x damage" attribute on gear, dealing X amount of damage even if the attacker misses, the attack is blocked or the damage is absorbed.



  • Thorns Required Level: 6
  • Thorns Prerequisites: None


Thorns Synergies

Thorns Receives Synergy From:

  • No synergies

Thorns Provides Synergy to:

  • No synergies


Thorns Progression

The following chart displays the upgrade values for each level of Thorns

1 10.6 yards
2 12 yards
3 13.3 yards
4 14.6 yards
5 16 yards
6 17.3 yards
7 18.6 yards
8 20 yards
9 21.3 yards
10 22.6 yards
11 24 yards
12 25.3 yards
13 26.6 yards
14 28 yards
15 29.3 yards
16 30.6 yards
17 32 yards
18 33.3 yards
19 34.6 yards
20 36 yards



Notes and Tips

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